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The Law of Attraction: Why doesn't it work for me?

For so many years, I thought the Law of Attraction didn't work.  I mean certainly, being in an abusive relationship, never having the kind of money I thought I would and having my health compromised were not what I wanted!  But, I would I always hear people say. "you're creating your own reality",  "you are getting exactly what you want"  or "you can have it all if you believe you can" (I DID believe I could, but I was far from having it!).  Then I watched the movie "The Secret",  Are all of these people lying, or is there something to this?  What I started to realize was they were just not giving the "How".  There wasn't a lot of information about how the process works.  I signed up for a Law of Attraction Coaching program and I finally started to understand what I was doing wrong. 

3 Things you can do to start turning your life around and having what you want

  1. Pay attention to your thoughts.  Do you dwell on things that you don't want?  Turn you focus to what you want instead.  Start thinking about having what you want.  Connect with the feeling of having it.  The LOA responds to your emotions.

  2. The Power of your Words, Start listening to yourself.  Do you always have a negative comment, find the worst in the situation, or expect the worst to happen?  Start looking for the evidence that supports what you want and talk about that.  Notice sarcasm and cynicism that is in your daily language.  The universe doesn't know the difference between sarcasm and what you really mean.  

  3. Do you have a lack, mentality?  Do you complain about how much things cost, say things are too expensive, feel like people are overcharging and ripping you off?   Do you spend a lot of your energy being resentful of others because you can't afford what they have?  All of these thoughts, words or actions, push away what you are wanting, they create a barrier for having the things you want.

If you start to apply this new thinking each day, you will start to notice a change in your life, find more joy and start creating abundance.  

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