The Law of Attraction: Physics or Faux Pas?

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

For so many years, I believed that the Law of Attraction didn't work. I was in an abusive relationship, far less financially secure and in poor health I was constantly hearing people say. “You create your reality” or “You can do anything you set your mind to”.

Well, I DID believe in myself, so why wasn’t my life reflecting what I thought I wanted? I had almost given up completely when one day, I came across the movie, “The Secret” and thought to myself, “Are all of these people lying, or is there really something to this whole Law of attraction thing?” I came to realize that I had not been given a crucial element on HOW the Law of Attraction works and HOW I could begin practicing it. At the time, resources for this type of work were slim, but I was able to find a Law of Attraction Coaching program and I finally began to understand what I was doing wrong. 3 Things you can do TODAY to transform your life and start achieving your goals. 1. Pay close attention to your thoughts. Do you notice yourself dwelling on things that you don't want to happen? Instead, Try Turning your focus on what you want. Visualize having what you desire. Meditate on the feeling of having it. The -Law Of Attraction recognizes and responds to your emotional vibrations. 2. Your words have POWER. Actively listen to yourself. Rather than making negative comments or assuming the worst of people and situations. Identify and VERBALIZE evidence that supports the things that you want in life. Remove sarcasm and cynicism from your daily language. The universe interprets everything you say as face value. 3. Get rid of your “lack mentality” Adopt an “ABUNDANCE mentality”. Don’t spend one more moment resentful towards people or things you “don’t have.” Orient your mind to focus on the wealth that you already have around you. Apply this new way of thinking and you will see your life evolve. You will live more joyfully, and be an abundance magnet!



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