How Do You Sell Your Home For More Money in 2020?

Amongst a year of unprecedented crisis, radical change, and economic uncertainty, could selling your home produce some financial gain for you and your family this year? I believe the answer is yes! If you’ve been thinking about selling your house this year and could use a little extra cash, then keep reading.

COVID has created an impact on daily life in more ways than we can truly quantify, but as a real estate agent I can say for sure, the housing market has undergone an immediate impact. How so? Because buyers’ needs are changing. People are spending a significantly more substantial amount of time in their homes. Numerous people are now working their full-time jobs from home, staying at home with the kids who are learning digitally, and home more often to practice social distancing. All this time spent at home is having families realize that they need more space, thus creating an influx in demand for housing. For sellers, this means that now is a very opportunistic time to get your house optimized and ready for the market. The increasing demand has house prices up, creating a chance for sellers to get more money than they would at previous points.

In addition to the advantageous circumstances of the market, sellers can get more money for their homes by increasing the property value with renovations and staging. Most sellers don’t think about investing in their property right before putting it on the market because they typically don’t have the budget for it. Still, those who do invest in renovations and staging typically sell their home faster and see an R.O.I that surpasses the initial cost. A.K.A they make a profit when the house sells. But, there’s good news for those who don’t have the lump sum of cash needed to cover the costs of renovations and staging.

Compass real-estate offers a unique concierge program that covers the cost of renovations and staging up to $30,000. So for those who are ready to sell now and want to get more money for their house, but don’t have the budget for renovations and staging, this program offers tremendous value.

The goal of the program is to get you as much money as possible in the least amount of time. The investment requires nothing upfront and has ZERO interest. You'll pay for the loan when one of the following happens — your home sells, you terminate your listing agreement with Compass, or 12 months passes from your Concierge start date.

Some of the program’s results have awarded $200k above the listing price in a mere four days on the market. With a potential $400 return on every $100 invested, the program is a fast, transparent, and an easy way to sell your house for significantly more money in 2020.

The sheer value that the program offers alone has the potential to be highly profitable for anyone looking to sell. In addition to a proven strategy that gets your house sold faster for more money, you’ll have a compass real-estate agent to walk you through the entire process.

If you’ve been thinking about selling but aren’t sure if now is the right time for you, reach out to me today. Together we can analyze your current situation and get clear about what your goals are. Whether you’re looking to get answers about your market; or if you're ready to conduct an audit on your property to see if renovations could help you sell for more money in less time, I’m here to help you get the most out of your real estate experience!

Talk soon! Mk

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