Ever Wonder Why I Became a Coach?

2008 was the year that I finally decided to leave my husband of 20 years. I had been unhappy for too long and both my health and finances were declining significantly. I was completely lost, angry, and alone. I don’t know where I could have ended up if something inside me hadn’t clicked; but luckily, I knew that I needed to start working on myself. I knew that I had old wounds that I couldn’t avoid any longer and that is where my journey for self-discovery began.

I was blessed with some amazing teachers, mentors, and opportunities, that made me realize the enormous benefit of having support from an outside perspective.

It wasn’t long before I was ready to put my past behind and start living in for the present.

But the funny thing about self- discovery is; it made me realized - I didn't know myself.

I had no clue what my true desires were or what kind of impact I wanted to make in the world.

I learned so many things about myself while focusing on getting my health back and supporting my family.

What I learned during this time is now the heart of how I facilitate my coaching program. I love sharing what worked for me as a toolkit for others to get through the thick of their struggles and start creating a successful business and life full of joy and contentment.

Learning about who I am on a soul level was quintessential to my growth and success as an entrepreneur. Once I understood my strengths and finally won the battle with my challenges, life began to feel aligned. Everything felt easier and much more fulfilling.

Everyone has their own unique design, and I encourage everyone to go out there and discover it. The three types of spiritual readings that played leading roles in uncovering my unique design are Scientific Hand Analysis, Human Design, and Astrology.

There are no shortcuts in dealing with your past wounds, but getting help is the fastest way to see progress on your healing journey.

I started coaching because I wanted to offer the same support that was so impactful on my journey. My mission as a coach is to help others step into their purpose so that they too can create the life they want. I love to help people discover their true selves, get clear on who they are, and remove all the emotional blocks along the way.

It has been so rewarding to watch my clients expand into their potential and experience their business in a way that brings them prosperity and happiness.

One of my clients changed the whole structure of her business after working with me. She now...

  • Serves more people

  • Makes more money

  • Is genuinely happy

  • Works less

I was able to help a client greatly reduce her stress-levels by finding her life blueprint. She had been working with high-dollar coaches who were pushing her to position her business in a way that was completely wrong for her lifestyle. She is an innovative and creative person, who feels most confident at home on a computer, working with people intimately, rather than being in the limelight. The pressure from her other coaches was causing her a lot of anxiety and stress, but as we uncovered her blueprint, it became clear why she had so much resistance to what was being forced on her. Once she was able to get aligned with her blueprint, it was easy to pivot her life in the direction that felt right, and it wasn’t long before she had gained full financial security.

There are many possible models for success, but there is no “one size fits all”.

That is why it’s so important to decode your blueprint.

This is what I love to do, it is why I am a coach. I am dedicated and passionate about helping people find out what you're here to do.

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~ Mk

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