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About Melissa

As a personal and business coach, Melissa helps people create the life they want and have the relationships, business, money and health they are unable to create on their own. According to the Law of Attraction we all have everything we are a match for in our life right now. If on a conscious level you disagree with this statement, then you just need to understand how the creation process works so that you can consciously start creating the life you want.  She has helped many people discover the process for having what they want and has lots of experience at helping people create money, their ideal and passionate work, their perfect mate and helped them with self-discovery.  She loves watching the transformation her clients go through and seeing them become empowered and in charge of their life. She personally helps her clients work deeper and move quickly through a transition or specific issue in career, relationship, finances, physical or mental blocks they are experiencing. Her greatest desire is to add value and help others create their dream life!

Melissa Kirk is a single mother of 3 teenagers, after a dysfunctional and abusive 20 year failed relationship, she has turned her life around from personal growth, insights, healing and wisdom from her life experiences and education. Melissa has both a business and psychology degree, is a Certified Law of Attraction Coach, has a Masters and Certificate of Science in Theta Healing and Is a Scientific Hand Analyst and Instructor.  Melissa brings her blend of real-life experiences and credentials together in a warm, thoughtful and direct approach to ensure you are empowered for your specific journey. 


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